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Cave johnson story game

cave johnson story game

GLaDOS "adopts" a group of baby birds, telling them that they are fat and were abandoned.
At the end of Portal 2, she instead lets you go free.Similarly, you have no choice but to dexter season 7 episode 6 avi rescue PotatOS from the bird's nest, and even if you cleverly make it to the next level anyway, the game assumes you did.gLaDOS, portal 2 is a sequel to the game.Mission Control Is Off Its Meds : Again, but this time it's Wheatley acting as Mission Control, or rather, trying to and failing.The song that is added to the BGM when you hold the Companion Cube in an early test chamber is the turret opera song.11 palgn 's Adam Ghiggino wrote that the dialogue of Portal 2 was funny and cited Simmons as an example.Didn't pick up on my sarcasm.The co-op mode explores this element further.Enemy Eats Your Lunch : Dark!GLaDOS: Okay, so the bad news is that the tests are my tests now.Cloud Cuckooland : Basically the entire Aperture Science facility, considering that the only sane individual there is arguably Chell who only gets that consideration because she's the player characterthis trope is even more present than in the original Portal, due to the fact that Portal.Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence : Broken rubble and panels not fully retracted are surprisingly able to block the player's movement.Stealth Insult : GLaDOS drops these all the time while she tests you.spoiling The Reveal Her name is Caroline.This very turret showed up quite a while ago already, in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment at the end of the first hardlight bridge test chamber where it is sucked away by the pneumatic dispatch system to make way for the elevator.Also a subversion as, although he's stupid, he's not stupid in the typical pc game serious sam 3 sense of Artificial Stupidity.
Which is even bigger.

Without Wheatley, nothing would have changed that.Truth in Television : Moon dust is, indeed, "pure poison" (somewhat akin to asbestos dust and will prove a challenge game torchlight 2 crack to overcome if we ever get around to attempting to colonize.Before that, P-Body can be seen in one of Wheatley's test chambers.We Used to Be Friends : Wheatley attempts to exploit this to make Chell stop running away from his Death Trap.Cave Johnson recites the classic "When life gives you lemons" line in a tired, almost defeated voice towards the end of the Old Aperture segments, only to subvert it in the next recording with a hilarious Rage Against the Heavens speech.Creative Closing Credits / Credits Gag : Like the first game, the ending song plays over a text screen that displays the lyrics in the form of a computerized personnel file report.
Another example being when Wheatley's figuring out how to open a door (which he doesn't notice is already open until you startle him).