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Cs173 uiuc spring 2015

cs173 uiuc spring 2015

Textbooks etc, the main textbook is online.
Welcome to Section B of CS 173, Spring 2015!For Spring 2016 registration information, including revised prerequisites and registration procedures, see the spring 2016 web site.If you are looking for Fall 2015 registration information, see the.So each lecture has its own web page, plus there is a web page for folks doing the CS 196 honors add-on to this course.This will help us check that everyone has the right background to be taking the course, as well as give us some other important pieces of information.However, it's ok to use other methods of quickly making a duplicate copy, such as your cell phone camera (if its pictures are good enough for you a different baal veer episode 675 model of duplicate lab notebook, loose carbonless duplicate sheets, the rest of a half-used chemistry notebook.A parallel section of the course, CS 173 A is being taught by Prof.Two items will be available for purchase at the Union Bookstore: Discussion packet:.75, required, duplicate lab notebook: about 15, recommended.The kaspersky pure 3.0 total security 5 pc two sections cover similar topics, but are run as separate courses.Those of you with photographic memories can simply turn in your only copy of the work).If you're enrolled in Section B, you should stick to the lectures, discussions, homeworks, quizzes and exams of this section.

Prerequisite form, everyone registered for the course needs to fill out the prerequisite and information form.The A and B lectures of this course will be operating semi-independently (though doing quite similar things).CS Proficiency Exams page.Honors and Proficiency Exam, if you have taken previous proof-based math courses, you may wish to attempt the proficiency exam.Fall 2015 course home page.This asks some extra questions to help us understand your programming background.When we go through the responses, we'll send you email keygen visual studio 2010 professional if it looks like don't have enough programming experience.If your background is strong and your schedule is not very full, you may wish to do the.If you have CS 125 or ECE 220 (aka ECE 198KL) on your transcript, that's all you have.CS173: Discrete Structures, spring 2015, section B with, prof.
Textbooks, Syllabus, etc, the main textbook is online.
If you aren't yet registered or have concerns about your background, see the registration and prerequisite information page.