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Fire and emergency services company officer study guide

fire and emergency services company officer study guide

Now on the third day it won't open.
I remember thinking "wow, ifsta really stepped up the quality of the questions this time".Either way it's annoying.I don't remember which chapter it was, but the first batch of questions I started answering after I bought the app were very good.Read before buying by 2FBD8, bought this app, it worked the first two times then it wouldn't open again.Ifsta Fire Emergency Services Company Officer Study Guide, 4th Edition.Exam Prep, flash Drive was formerly referred to as the.In the end, the app is a mixed bag.With an app of this type however, the interface is only one tiny aspect of the app's functionality.I internet manager 6.11 build 7 with crack could actually see those questions being used on a test.Self-Study Guide Flash Drive.Functionally, the app works quite well.This interactive, digital version of the print.App works great, easy to use, but question quality could be better.While the ifsta app is a bit cleaner looking, my personal opinion is that the FlashFire app has a much higher quality question database.Ifsta (International Fire Service Training Association) is an association of fire service personnel who are dedicated to upgrading fire fighting techniques and safety through training.
Exam Prep, all incorrect responses are displayed so that the user can print a fully referenced custom study plan based upon areas in which they missed questions.

After completing a section of questions in the.The only reason I gave the ifsta product another shot is becaue it was only.Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 5th Edition.These are the questions where the distractors (incorrect answer choices) are worded in such an obvious manner they can be answered without reading the material.The questions are automatically graded, and the program tracks correct and incorrect responses for the user.The quality of the questions is very erratic.After that group though, the quality of the questions started falling off sharply.Some of the questions (and their associated answers) are so poorly worded that it's hard to tell what the correct answer should be, even with the book opened to the page the question is from.Obvious distractors were something I noticed more than 10 years ago while using the old CD-ROM-based ifsta practice tests for a different exam.It's also nothing new for the ifsta practice tests.
Exam Prep, flash Drive is a Windows based application that includes the same 713 questions in the print version.
The erratic question quality falls into three basic areas: question wording, question selection, and distractor quality.