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Game eden eternal indonesia

game eden eternal indonesia

Level 90-99 Quest Rewards NPC.
Instructor Boya Administrator Michael, talk.
Hunt 30 more Siroma and collect 30 Ice Cubic, 1 Sweet Sauce, and 1 Milk.
Report back to Instructor Ur at das inoffizielle windows 98 second edition service pack 2.1d Eden Group Dispatched Instructor Johan glast_01196131.Once inside, go to the end of the hall and turn right into the room with.Finally, note that which quest you are given depends upon your level at the time of acceptance.The level requirement of the weapon also increase, but you keep all previous weapons as you progress.Find Dispatched Instructor Naomi at Ice Dungeon ice_dun0115513.
Instructor Boya behind the center of the counter in the Eden Group Headquarters to start any of these training missions.
Level 12-25 efi colorproof xf 3.1 client Note : The Standing Cat is located inside the Culvert.

Contents, introduction, the equipment quests provide players from level 12 to 70 with new armor and weapons.Weapons by Classes After terjemah kitab qurotul uyun pdf completing certain Eden training quests level range (tier you obtain a weapon based upon your class.Kill 5 Pinguiculas.Talk to Blacksmith Thorn moc_para0111183 to receive the new equipment Dispatched Instructor Romeo comodo174354 Instructor Romeo um_fild0135280 Level 70 - 79 Quest Rewards NPC.Level 80 - 89 Quest Rewards NPC.Report back to the Splendide instructor.Report back to Naomi, receive 40,000 base job exp.Remember that pressing, cTRL will bring up a world map, and clicking the poring icon on the bottom right will show the most common enemy in each zone.Collect 5 Shoulder Protectors from Wootan Fighters and 7 Sharp Leafs from Dryads.Hunt 20 Wraiths.Report back to Instructor Ur at Eden Group Dispatched Instructor Naomi ice_dun0115513.