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Lion king games 2

lion king games 2

Does anyone know.
Avoid this game, there is much much better out.
These four mini games make up for the actual main game's lack of length.
Bad thing three - anime nisekoi episode 2 the graphics.Simba looks like a brick.Several video games based on, the Lion King have been released over the years, for several different platforms and taking advantage of technological advances with each new platform.If that's not enough there is also a two player mode, where you play 'tag'.Havaska ( ) Cheat Codes (None Yet) Links.So that is Zazu you see, but it is not his voice, it is another dubbed over so it fits in with the game.I completed it in an hour, and I will probably never play it again as I have nothing to go back for - it has no replay value.But they have redubbed voices over the top.Dark Technologies (NES and Game Boy Versions).Otherwise a great game!The only bad thing about this game is that it only has two songs throughout the whole game, that have nothing to do with TLK and are both awful!Posted by hours ago.Our newest community member is tntseaver, view Profile, message User, thank User.PC, sNES, genesis/Megadrive, game Boy, game Gear -Havaska ( more screen shots (from the PC version) are available here, thanks to Epantiras!

The image does not show.The Lion King 1994, platforms: PC/MS-DOS, snes/Super Famicom, NES/Famicom, Sega Genesis/Megadrive, Game Boy, Game Gear, Amiga.They are really short and really boring, and they are so linear.I'll have a nightmare.Registered users: alaa222, alain1985, Bbabybear02, catseye69, cody1638, Comegetakuma, constantine11, CurbsidePharmacist, demon, dexter2341, digitech, erik1977, FlarePhoenix, Floydthebarber, Frogger420, GoonMuck, Gyunyu, hiropon, ironsights87, JTagged, kolor, marcondes68, Massamo, mmxii, namesbond, Overfiend, proximo, rc_camilo, Sandi1987, t1op, THE-BLU-demon, TheOmikronNomadSoul, tntseaver, Tubby, Tupakaveli, Urkman1, ware-wolf, warlock616, Zerolnfinity 43,414 topics 413,870 posts.It gets a 9/10 score!The game also has three more levels that progress the story through TLK2, with the end 'baddy' being Zira that you have to beat to complete the game.Start the game then press: E - Jump to bug hunt 2 L - Next level H - Full health Q - Jump to bug toss R - Jump to bug hunt 3 W - Jump to Bug hunt 1 Game Genie/Pro Action Replay: Cheat.