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Lion recovery disk assistant clean install

lion recovery disk assistant clean install

Lions system requirements you must first intall Snow Leopard and then install Lion.
Indeed, this lack of physical media is perhaps the biggest complaint about Lions App Store-only distribution, as there are a good number of reasons you might want a bootable Lion installer, whether it be a DVD, a thumb drive, or an external hard drive.The brute-force method, what if you dont want to install Snow Leopard first, or if you dont have your Snow Leopard disc handy?After installing Oavericks, you can start restoring your programs and settings using either a Time Machine backup or Migration Assistant.It will, however, install onto a blank drive, so Lion clearly doesn't need any of Snow Leopard's files or settings.With the boot installer drive connected to the Mac, reboot and hold down the Option key.Unlike previous versions of Mac OS X, Lion (OS.7) doesnt ship on a bootable discits available only as an installer app downloadable from the Mac App Store, and that installer doesnt require a bootable installation disc.Now that Apple has released, oavericks to the masses for free we know that plenty of users are busy downloading the latest software update and preparing to install the new operating system.Steps 1 through 4 in this slideshow to properly format the drive.Updated 8/19/2011, 2pm, to clarify compatibility.The mounted volume is called Mac Onstall ESD.In the folder that appears, open Contents, then open Shared Support; youll see a disk-image file called.Note: As explained in our main Lion-installation article, if you leave the Lion installer in its default location (in /Applications) and use it to install Lion on your Macs startup drive, the installer will be automatically deleted after the installation finishes.In other words, if your Mac shipped with Snow Leopard, you can install Lion.In Disk Utility, find this destination drive in the sidebar and then drag it into the Destination field on the right; if the destination drive has multiple lock access 2010 database editing partitions, just drag the partition you want to use as your bootable installer volume.Update: When this article was originally published, the Mac App Store version of Lion would not boot any Macs released in mid-2011 or later, as those models shipped with a newer version of Lion preinstalled.Updated 6/27/2012, 9pm, to add note about Disk Utility error message introduced with the.7.4 installer, and 6/29/2012, 8:20am, to update instructions so they work when creating a drive using the.7.4 installer.
While the letter of the law says you need to install Snow Leopard before installing Lion, the spirit of the law seems to be that a particular Mac just needs a license for Snow Leopard before you can install Lion.

Alas, while the Lion installer will freely install Lion onto a blank drive, the installer itself must be run from within Snow Leopard or Lion.Drag the Mac Onstall ESD icon into the Source field on the right (if it isnt already there).It's possible to do a clean install of Oavericks on your Mac or on a new hard drive, if you're upgrading or repairing your Mac but it takes a bit of work.A clean install means the drive is completely erased and Mac OS.8 is installed fresh, nothing else is on the drive, no apps are installed, and no files are included.Click Restore and, if prompted, enter an admin-level username and password.At update for mac os x 10.5.8 this point you can either import files and apps from the backup you made, manually copy over backed up files, or just start anew.So how can you install Lion over Leopard?Note: In versions of the Lion installer prior.7.4, you didnt need to first mount the g imageyou could simply drag the image itself into the Source field.
If you've created a bootable Lion install disc or drive, just boot your Mac from it, and when the Mac Otilities screen appears, use the Reinstall Mac OS X option to install Lion on your Leopard drive.