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Macromedia director 8.5 full

macromedia director 8.5 full

199.00 Win, Mac WebXtra Puts a web browser on the Director stage that you can control through Lingo.
39.95 Win N/A Axialis Software Hoolicon Replaces Director or Flash projector icon.0 Mac D5 Focus 3 Focus3D Runtime control of QuickDraw3D 3DMF files.Any text, any eview it!64.00 Win Alien Zone Screensaver Wizard Makes screensaver and installer out of Director projector.299.00 Win (Win.1 / Win 95 Mac (68K / PowerMac) supports D6 Zeus wing bowl 2013 pictures Productions zOpen Launch app, quit and reenter Director while app open, print docs through external app.You can set the transparency of a window (similar to the Windows only winobj.This page is maintained for my personal homage to my favourite product.99.00 Win, Mac D6-10 Meliora Software DriveInfo Xtra.2 Gets drivetype, serial freespace for mounted volumes.Mac Karl Pottie Keyboard Control Xtra Intercepts Ctrl-Alt-Del and other shortcuts.QuickVector Xtra Direct access to GDI calls that are faster than imaging Lingo.0 Win, Mac,.5-11 James Newton Chrome Lib Set of behaviors for controlling properties and interaction with 3D content.99.95 Win, Mac D10 VTC Director MX2004 Tutorials.5 hrs / 125 lessons of Director training.39.95 Win TechSmith Screen Resolution ADisplay Xtra.2 Reports available settings and changes display resolution.Win SRI International SpeechPlugin Text to speech in browser.

0 Win, Mac D10-11.5 Valentin Schmidt Ultimatedbio Create Database Connections with any database type such as SQL, MySQL, Access, Excel.One big advantage of dmmXLS is that you do not need to have Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Jet Provider or any other programs installed on your computer.24.95 Win D6-10 Meliora Software FileXtra Provides methods to copy, delete, rename and move files and folders, as well as methods for volumes and system dialogs, among others.AU50.00 Win, Mac Kevin Raner Software Timbuktu File share, screen share, remote control other computer.99.95 Win, Mac D10 VTC Director MX 2004 Lingo Lingo Tutorials CD 8 hrs / 112 video tutorials covering Lingo.20.00 Win Plaxoft GmbH FreesysInfo Xtra CPU, memory, drive information and ask Windows Version (even Windows 8 supported).0 Win, Mac Gilles Untereiner HandyDialog Xtra Customizeable folder browser, message box, color picker, font picker, print, open, save dialogs.Shows full file names.Tabuleiro UltimateEmail EMail text files or html with attachments.0 Win, Mac, SW D10 Lingoworkshop Zav's Libraries Code libraries and tutorials on how to use them 0 Win, Mac,.5-11 Zav Lingo Editing FindAll miaw tool that searches scripts for text.Integration New Media MediaPlayer Xtra Provides support for mpeg, divx, AVI, WMF video formats and MP2, MP3, WAV, midi, aiff audio formats and other files.