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Pure move 2500 portable dab and fm radio

pure move 2500 portable dab and fm radio

When used with good headphone, the Pure Move 2500 has excellent sound quality, provided you have a strong FM or DAB signal.
Hopefully Pure will release an updated version of this pocket radio with an improved tuning mechanism soon.
Earphones provided are poor quality (they can be replaced though).
The Pure Move 2500, though, can literally be placed almost anywhere gas turbine book by v ganesan pdf comfortably so you can place it in your pocket, bag or even on an armband and not even remember that it is there after a few minutes.The wheel doubles as a four-way navigational D-pad, taking you to the menu, tuning options, favourites and source selector.I know that I am still finding out more and more about mine since the day that I bought it and am truly enjoying every single moment.All that you need to do is turn it on and use it for a few moments before you realize that it is one of the best digital radios that you have ever used before in your life. .Have you ever had a radio (whether it was portable, in your home or in your car) that you wish had more presets? .Pros, comes with a 3-year warranty, can be connected to a car or van stereo using its aux port.

There is a wide variety of different products that serve different purposes that have been released by times rss reader mac Pure in the past but many of them have been completely eclipsed by the quality and efficiency that their development team has placed within the walls of the.Technical specifications, dimensions:.2 cm tall.6 cm wide.5 cm deep.I am glad that you asked!Like the Roberts SportsDAB2 it also has a built-in speaker, but it comes at a much more attractive price.The front is matt black, the back chrome, and theres a circular scroll wheel in the middle to act as the main controller.Contents, features, fM/DAB/DAB radio, internal ChargePAK battery that offers up to 14 hours of listening time.The iPod-style circle on the front contains the tuning dial, which is probably this radios biggest design flaw.It displays useful information including the station name, volume, battery life, signal strength and song name when in DAB mode.Why do I say that?The battery can be charged by using the mains adapter included or by connecting it to a computer using a USB cable.
The Pure 2500 is the latest in its pocket range.