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Scary maze game 1

scary maze game 1

Published by Erwan, scary Maze Game 1 level: not for kids by admin.
Finally, the grammar books english pdf last level is quite creepy.
There are many teens addicted by this game, and through addicted is not meaning that they are playing it daily and things like this.It is harder than it seems.Try to finish them all!It is not a acid 4.0 serial key game that can be played by those that have issues with their hearts.Once you reach the second thin path you will have part of the surprise of your life, and you should be prepared to yell as hard as you can, to run or to wet your pants.
When you will manage to get to the end of the labyrinth you will be able to go to the next level.
You will be a pink point that moves through some sort of labyrinth with the sole purpose of getting out.

Next you will have to find your way through this maze to reach the next goal, by moving the tiny dot all along the maze.The final level, the third one, is easy at the beginning.You will probably think that is the lamest one, but you are wrong.The game can be totally controlled only with the mouse.After you manage to go through the labyrinth a while you will get part of an unexpected surprise.The second level is a bit more difficult than the previous one as the shape of the labyrinth is changing.The second level has more paths and at the beginning they are thicker, but after the first half the paths will become thinner making your mission a bit more difficult than in the first level.In fewer words, you will have to start the game again.This is indeed an entertaining game.
How to Play: Use your mouse to move the.