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The lost language of cranes pdf

the lost language of cranes pdf

even THE famous VW beatle HAD different improved OR reshaped parts IN progressively newer models. .
Crank shafts AND other expensive machined parts that might NOT move FOR many years IF ever SO THE scrapers sell them FOR scrap metal. .
Options for Spanco Aluminum Gantry cranes.THE paint IS NO longer fresh BUT IS rather dusty. .P H lattice boom truck crane; model 670 TC; 1975, SN 41176; 70 TON capacity; 100* foot tubular lattice boom; cummins diesel engines upper (135 HP N-855) AND lower 240 HP NTC; power load lowering ON 2 drums; power outriggers OUT AND down, with cones.Prior to painting, all Spanco crane components are deburred and descaled using power tools equipped with sanding discs and wire wheels.Spent ON recent rebuild; IN fine working condition; certified; working NOW; 140,000.; louisiana; JC-VW-lnnrlo.18.473. .bucyrus erie crane dragline; model 30B super series IV; 60 TON capacity OR take part OF THE counter weights OFF AND leave THE tracks IN THE retracted position AND IT IS A 35 TON machine, 30B HD; 90 foot angle boom; power load lowering.bantam hydraulic truck crane; 30 TON capacity; boom length.9.9 feet IN 4 sections; plus JIB; GM 6-71 diesel engines; model T-788 telekrane; IN good mechanical condition, could usaint JOB; weighs 66,100 LBS louisiana; JC-JL-VW-nmnvlm NO longer available; left FOR reference;.20.161. .RUD-O-matic clam bucket reel; 3 barrel; model 1866; SN SP-2278; just rebuilt; could USE paint JOB BUT 85 condition OR better; HAS about 380 feet OF 3/8 inch tagline cable ON reel IN about 60 condition OR better (outer rusted, NO broken wires, serviceable.Selling TO indians this week; NO longer available; left FOR reference;.20.173. .weight about.72 LBS PER foot; used wire rope IS usually reduced TO 5 TO 1 safety factor.Safe working load:.000 (2) inch (50.80 MM) wire rope haedian minimum NEW breaking strength OF about 172 tons ( some types AND brands have AS little AS 160 tons minimum breaking strength) AND with 3 TO 1 safety factor should only BE worked.3 tons. .link-belt hydraulic truck crane; model HTC-830; 35 TON; 1987, SN 59H7-221; G, 5,751 hours; 80 foot boom IN 3 stages, 29 foot folding JIB; 2 winches; anti-TWO-block; cummins 6CTA.3 liter diesel engine; certified until 200809; 95,000.; photo A(40K photo B(40K photo C(40K photo D(40K.
Perfect for soft roofs.
It does not apply to equipment that has been altered without Spancos written authorization.

this IS NOT THE 1950'S. .there IS increasingly rapid innovation AND improvement AND world wide competition. .link-belt 108 counter weight; "B" weight; flat casting.5 inches thick; louisiana; JC-JL-VW-nmnolm updated: sold BUT GET others from time TO time; left FOR reference;.18.374. .Each ALL 13; photo A(120K photo B(120K photo C(120K alabama; JD-VW-lnntoa.18.474. .liebherr crawler crane; model LR1750; 750 metric tons capacity; 2004, 3,645 hours; "S" boom 112 meters (368 feet 91 meter (299 foot) JIB;.5 meter (103 foot) derrick; 245 metric TON counter weight; 95 TON central counter weight; 107 TON AND 600 TON double hook.weight about.42 LBS PER foot; used wire rope IS usually reduced TO 5 TO 1 safety factor.manitowoc crawler crane; model 18000; 800 tons capacity; 2005; # 55 boom 96 meters (315 feet #79A devil survivor 2 the animation episode 6 luffing boom 93 meters (305 feet 42 meter (138 foot) derrick; 240 TON counter weight; 145 TON carbody counter weight; 317 TON AND 500 adventure quest trainer 2012 TON double hook blocks;.
OR production number FOR both THE item AND ALL THE numbers OF THE item, machine OR appliance IT IS used. .