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Time format am pm in sql server 2005

time format am pm in sql server 2005

The insert will look like: cfquery udpate sometable SET somecol somevalue, ModifiedDate cfqueryparam cfsqltype"CF_SQL_timestamp" value lInsertDate, ModfiedDateTime getdate where someID cfqueryparam cfsqltype"CF_SQL_integer" value Val(mevalue /cfquery If you want to have the serverTime matching the application server or getdate, social empires game for pc as they could be different, create another.
Hello Kerr, That is odd that you post of May 4 doesn't appear, either on this page, on in the collection of all of your posts.Regards, alex simonl, joined:, posts:.Russ Russ, My explanation was in relation to a person stating that sometimes they found convert was deterministic and sometimes not.I want to save in table all field from log.I think that it is also probably about as efficient as you can get, although may under the covers perform the same operations.I am using Clarion and it handles the date function quite nicely with the value from INT.

I am trying to write a deterministic function in sql server 2005.Some are flawed due to caching, using a live server with varying load.Is it basically just the bit-representation of the number?Getting the Time only is similar: select dateadd ( DAY, -datediff(DAY, 0, @date @date ) Mat.Author: TBonzai - Create date: - Description: Returns a date truncated to a specific unit of measure.I'm looking for a relative date for transactions that have occurred today.Yikes, use this, and drop all that cast and floor stuff.
See below where the two expressions accomplsih the same thing;.