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Times rss reader mac

times rss reader mac

Times is an RSS reader that allows you to read feeds through a newspaper-style interface.
Like the front page of the best news site in the world, Pulp's home page is always up-to-date and relevant to your interests.
Magic Reader : with the tap of a button, you'll instantly see the full story formatted into a clean and easy-to-read format, regardless of where it's from.
You won't discover every interesting story exclusively in Pulp, but now you can read them all there.An elegant and thoughtful layout implicitly ranks the best new trends while also encouraging exploration of other interesting news items.However, navigation can be a little frustrating.Your feeds panel then opens, showing all the feeds you have assigned to various pages.You can quickly email any article, publish it on your.You can even save articles found in your browser.It's organized just like a newspaper with the page sections along the top such as Technology, Science, Sport and News.Access secure feeds - Shrook provides access to private feeds via https encryption (including self-signed) and password protection.You could say that.Once synchronized you can log in to m from any web browser, and all of your feeds will be there.Sign up for a m account, and you also get: Synchronization with no hassle, enter your m username and password on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, and Shrook does the rest.Google-powered feed search built-in, so you can instantly find your favorite news sites and blogs, or discover new ones, simply by typing in their name - then add them to Pulp with one click.By showing you multiple feeds with stories that include large photos and inline text previews all on one page, Pulp makes it easy to find the articles you're actually interested in reading.Track what you're reading, and what you've read m keeps the list of feeds you're subscribed to in sync on all of your devices.Come back at any time to check them out in more detail.It has up-to-date information on what you've read, and when you get back to your Mac, it'll know what you looked at when you were away., utsire.

Read Later, save interesting articles to the shelf, the perfect place to queue up stories that you want to check out later.Free to use - If you don't use synchronization, Shrook for your Mac is completely free to use, with no ads.In-app Browsing - View webpages directly in Shrook.Scrapbooks - Save individual items to look at later.I want the recent posts to appear at the top of screen with time, date and source.Home page is designed to make it as easy as possible to see everything important from your feeds in one place.RSS feeds have taken a lot of the hassle out of following websites.Could someone help to find best free / paid Mac OS or iOS (or both) app for reading rss feed in real time?Pulp takes your favorite news feeds and presents them in a beautifully friendly familiar format, making it easy to quickly scan through headlines, previews, and photos to find the stories that interest you most.