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Vmware view 5 building a successful virtual desktop ebook

vmware view 5 building a successful virtual desktop ebook

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For protecting vCenter steps through the process of installing vCenter Server Heartbeat software.Properly installing and configuring VMware View environments, including View Persona.Companies that have quickbooks manager the server returned an error already realized the benefits of VMware server virtualization are now discovering that.Discusses the PCoIP protocol and the tuning properties that are available.Depending on your current level of knowledge or familiarity with VMware View you may find the book doesnt go into enough detail on the nuts and bolts of the VMware View product itself.Chapter 4 Application Virtualization, aka the ThinApp chapter.139 Setting Up the ThinApp Packaging Environment 141 ThinApp Packages and Microsoft Activation 156 Creating a Package 157 Deploying a Package Through View 168 Summary 171 5 Building Your Virtual Desktop 173 P2V or Clean Build?Discussion around using Fault-Tolerance, Storage Heartbeats, configuring iscsi multi-pathing.Also goes into using Trend Micros Depp Security product.VMware View 5 is a comprehensive enterprise-class solution.
In addition, Paul maintains a blog at http virtualguru.
Below is a breakdown of each chapter included in the book and my brief comments covering.

Chapter 5 Building Your Virtual Desktop.Full Backup 82, differential 89, log Backups 89, installing vCenter.He holds numerous industry certifications, publishes reviews at fo, and maintains the popular virtualization site virtualguru.Outlines the process of building a base golden image on Windows 7 to deploy your virtual desktops from.Companies that have already realized the benefits of VMware server virtualization are now discovering that VMware View 5 offers equally powerful opportunities on the client side.Whether you're an architect, system administrator, or virtualization consultant, this guide's proven techniques can help you dramatically improve IT productivity as you build environments that are far more flexible and easier to manage.This in no way affect this review or any review done on this site.Chapter 3 VMware View 5 Implementation.A great breakdown on Composer and use of replicas.Also covers some basic storage design and end user data management topics, but gets into deep detail in the next chapter.